That Old Feeling


Music by Denis King - Book and Lyrics by Richard Harris

Ronald, a widower, finds himself wondering what the rest of life holds for him. Then his friend Horace tricks him into a night out at a ballroom dancing club, and he meets Bernadette. But the path of true love is never easy, and even trickier when there’s family as well as personal baggage involved – not to mention trying to control your two left feet.

Licensed by arrangement with The Agency (London) and Macnaughton Lord Representation.

Kings Comment


First performance October 2009 at The Mill at Sonning, Berkshire

Director: Alvin Reekoff
Design: Eileen Diss
Costumes: Jane Kidd
Choreographer: Joseph Pitcher
Lighting: Matthew Biss
Music Director: Jo Stewart
Arrangements: Denis King

CAST (5 M 4 W)

Col Farrell, Glyn Kerslake, Lisa Hull, Shona Lindsay, Darren Machin, Geoff Aymer, Trudie Goodwin, Lewis Barnshaw, Eileen Battye



The less said about this production, the better. Not a happy time for Richard or for me.  Denis King

Key Changes

Black Beauty

Fact of the Day

At age 15, Denis was performing six shows a day at London's famous Windmill Theatre but was not allowed to wait in the wings for his entrance with his older brothers because they followed the naked Fan Dancer act---Denis had fifteen seconds to race down five flights from the dressing room to be onstage when the curtain went up.

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